Disney is amongst those companies which did not have to bear much of the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic and things went on quite smoothly. The only sector where Disney had to suffer was the shutdown of all its parks because of the lockdowns that were imposed so that the spread of the virus could be controlled. Now, the situation is changing again and the parks are also reopening and therefore we can expect more from Disney.

Disney and 2020

If Disney had to lose on one side due to the closing down of its amusement parks, it was recovered by the increasing popularity and the increase in subscribers of Disney+. Online streaming of shows and movies gained immense popularity during the pandemic because the cinema halls were closed and all the companies and production houses resorted to the online platforms.

Disney+ has currently garnered around 74 million subscribers in a short period with the subscriber count increasing with time. After things will get back to normal completely, Disney+ will prove to be a very major source of income for the firm along with the parks and other works of the company.

Therefore, 2020 gave Disney a major boost even though the parks had to remain closed. This move has worked well in favor of the company and now, in this year, it will gain benefits from both sides which will make the company profitable.

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS)

  • 52 Week Range: $79.07 – $183.40
  • Average Volume: 12,174,838
  • Market Capital: $321.051B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: N/A (N/A)

The company has shown an overall growth and as per the current scenario, it will keep up the same in the future as well. The earnings and profit of the company turned out to be well in 2020.

Purchasing the Disney Stock: Right Time or Not?

The answer to this question is quite obvious because this is a company that has hardly any tendency to go down. The company is expanding more and more and the best part is that it is growing with time. It is not like some other old companies which remain stuck to the old ways. Disney has grown in a very gradual manner and that is why it is a company that is very hard to take down. Therefore an investment in Disney is an investment of profit. The stock price of the company might sound a little expensive but the investment would be worth it because of the very high probability of earning a good profit from the same.

Therefore, the shareholders can undoubtedly look forward to investing in this company. Disney+ is growing at a great pace, the threat of the pandemic has now lessened and all these factors account for better times ahead, both for the company and its investors. The Disney stock is a well-suited choice for making a long-term investment.


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