The coronavirus pandemic was not bad for everyone as some of the sectors got to showcase their best and earn well during this course of time. When it comes to the e-commerce industry, we can say, it was the winner in this tough time of the pandemic. While on one hand there are companies still trying to somehow cover up their losses which they incurred during the pandemic and on the other, there is this e-commerce industry that is rising higher and higher.

FedEx was subject to the same change when the pandemic took over the world. The pandemic made the people sit at their homes because going outside no longer remained safe since the virus was spreading at a very fast pace. This worked out as a boon for the e-commerce industry as this was the best-suited option for everyone from where the people could purchase whatever they wanted to. The very high rise in the e-commerce industry gave a major boost to various companies associated with this sector and FedEx undoubtedly benefitted a lot from this. The company somewhat was able to restore its pride and earn quite well during 2020.

Current Statistical Figures of FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX)

  • 52 Week Range: $88.69 – $305.66
  • Average Volume: 3,025,544
  • Market Capital: $62.382B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: 60 (1.10%)

The Post-Pandemic Scenario Predictions

There are many sectors whose growth might be speculative after this pandemic but the e-commerce industry will not slow down because it has provided people with the comfort of getting anything and everything while staying at their homes. Therefore, every firm associated with this industry will also grow along with and that is why the analysts expect FedEx to grow with this. Since 2020 proved to be a boon for the company, the upcoming times can be better.

Though the company has yet not been able to garner the position it once held a few years back, it is on the way to improvising and re-establishing itself. Therefore, if the e-commerce industry continues to rise as expected, then FedEx will also most probably grow side by side.

When to Invest in the FedEx Stock?

If we talk about the present situation, then this might not be the best time to invest in FedEx Stock since the company is currently re-establishing itself and does not stand in a very good position if we compare it to the position of the company in the past. Therefore, the investors need to observe how the company keeps up with its growth and the decision whether or not to invest in this firm.

A hasty decision regarding the investment can be quite risky because the stock market is a volatile sector and the shareholders need to be very careful when it comes to investing in any company. Therefore, when it comes to FedEx, the investors should examine the company’s growth properly and if it grows steadily, then only invest otherwise not.

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