The e-commerce giant Amazon is a constantly rising company with a very tough potential. We can say this because, at the time of the coronavirus pandemic when so many companies incurred huge losses, this company continued to rise without fail. It is a stock that is perfectly suited for a long-term investment. It was amongst the best stocks even before the coronavirus pandemic began and during the pandemic, it rose fairly and faced hardly any declines.

Amazon Prime: Rise in Subscriptions

The price of the stock is however quite high but it is equally profit-giving as well. Amazon’s Amazon Prime subscriptions also increased this year because the cinema halls were closed due to the pandemic and the films were released via online platforms which gave a major boost to all the major online entertainment platforms.

The increase in the number of subscriptions not only benefitted the earnings of Amazon but also the investors who invested in this company and received profits.

Growth Rate and Statistics

 If we consider the previous quarter, then the revenue growth rate of Amazon hastened by as much as 37%. Amazon also recently stepped into the pharmacy business which has added more fuel to its growth. If we talk about the growth in the case of the income per share, it has risen by 68%. In the case of the operating earnings, these have risen by 17%. Overall, as compared to the last year, i.e. 2019, Amazon has only grown despite the coronavirus pandemic which became a major hurdle this year for so many businesses.

This is proof that with or without a pandemic, Amazon will continue to rise just like before. A key reason for this steady growth is that it is an online store for almost everything. If we compare it with the stocks of other companies, Amazon will genuinely emerge out as the better one in most cases.

Current Statistical Data

  • 52 Week Range:  $1,626.03 – $3,552.25
  • Average Volume:  4,791,178
  • Market Capital:  $1.597T
  • Forward Dividend and Yield:  N/A (N/A)

The stocks that are less priced sometimes look more attractive and some of them are worth the buy too. The decision of buying a stock or not entirely depends upon the requirement of the investor and the budget. Even if the price per stock in the case of Amazon is pretty high, yet the investor gets a lot of security.

Therefore, the statistics of the company this year are enough to justify its constancy in the stock market. It stands out well along with all the other major firms with high priced and profit giving stocks. Minor ups and downs in the case of Amazon will not affect the profits much because they are bound to happen. The stock market is extremely volatile and that is why slight changes will not affect the overall performance of the company. Amazon will quite possibly remain a reliable choice for investors in the future also.

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