Nike is a world-renowned name in the field of footwear, sports equipment, and other accessories and that is why Nike is a reliable company for investing. The company suffered a backlash in the past year 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic but if we analyze the company at present, then it does not look like it is going down or so. The firm still stands strong and is very well apt for a long-term investment.

Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE)

  • 52 Week Range: $60.00 – $147.95
  • Average Volume: 5,688,920
  • Market Capital: $226.084B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: 10 (0.76%)

Nike during the Corona Virus Pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic became a major threat to lives, the governments around the globe shut almost everything down and the people had o sit at their homes for a few months. This also led to the closing down of all the Nike stores as physical shopping was majorly avoided at that time. The company had to lose at that time because the closing was inevitable but it led to the growth of its digital sector.

The digital and e-commerce growth that has been witnessed during the time of this pandemic has given a high boost to several companies and sectors. Nike grew digitally and as and when the physical stores of the company reopened, the growth of the firm became more solid. This is why the company is still a strong investment.

Nike besides the Corona Virus Pandemic

If we talk about Nike keeping the phase of the coronavirus pandemic aside, even then the company has grown well. From the starting and till now, the company has made its name and has earned hefty profits all this while. Therefore, undoubtedly, the company is undefeatable. It would make a good investment which will return some fine profits to its investors. Nike is more suited for making a long-term investment rather than a short-term investment.

Nike Stock: Worth the Investment or Not?

Nike now has the potential of earning profit from both sides, from its physical stores as well as from its online stores. The coronavirus pandemic led to the online and digital growth of the company well and so now, the firm earns well from both sides. The digital sector has only accelerated the growth already going on.

Nike has made its name in the field of shoes and sports for a long time and the name does not seem to come down. Therefore, the company is reliable and can be trusted when it comes to investing. The shareholders can invest in the company for a longer period and earn better profits from the same. The shareholders can expect an income in millions coming on the way from an investment in this company if the investment is long-term. Nike has the potential of giving benefits to its investors in the long-term.

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