The American Multinational Company, Costco Wholesale Corporation is a large warehouse retailer and in the whole world, after Walmart, it is the second-largest retailer. The company has seen some major growth and the growth continues finely and steadily. Its provision in terms of products is so widespread that it cannot be compared to that of any other firm even amongst the major rivals of this company. By just paying $60, one can get its membership and then buy almost everything from one place itself. Therefore, this company has better prospects when it comes to its situation in the future.

Costco Wholesale Corporation: Growth and Earnings

If we compare the income of the company this year with that of last year, we can see the growth that has taken place. While in 2019, the company’s total yearly income was $149.35 billion and in 2020, its annual income has come out to be $163.22 billion. There is an increase of 9.3% which is huge in itself. The sales of this company have grown by 17% (year over year basis). From every aspect, ignoring the minor ups and downs that have occurred, the company has grown well and there are no such signs that this growth will retaliate.

From the growth that has happened, it is evident that the pandemic was not able to affect the company. With a total of 785 warehouses (as per the statistics of 2019) spread around the world there are hardly any chances that anything will let the growth of the company down.

Latest Statistical Figures of Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ: COST)

  • 52 Week Range: $271.28 – $393.15
  • Average Volume: 2,431,817
  • Market Capital: $160.571B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: 80 (0.77%)

Investing in Costco Wholesale Corporation

At present, investing in the stock of this company would not be a deal of loss for the investors. The company with its strong growth rate and statistics has made its place to become an ideal choice for investors with very little risk of incurring any loss. Costco also emerges out as a better choice amongst its rival companies. A major reason for the company being a secure investment is the fact that the coronavirus pandemic could not stop the company from growing. The pandemic affected major sectors and companies where such companies had to withstand massive losses. Therefore, the prospect of such companies is still uncertain while Costco has stood strong and will remain so in the future.

The price of the stock is a little high but it is also worth the buy because a company that is on the path of growth and success will give benefits and profits to the ones who invest their money in it. Therefore, the investors looking forward to buying a stock that is secure and profitable seems like Costco stock is a well-suited choice for them.

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