There was a wholesome 4% rise in the shares of Apple when the news surfed up that Apple will increase the production of iPhone in the first half of the next year i.e. 2021 by as much as 30%. This news was reported by Nikkei, a Japanese news outlet. A 30% rise in production means that the company has planned to produce 96 million iPhones during the period from January 2021 to June 2021. The iPhones included in this case, that will be produced are the newly launched iPhone 12 (5G compatible) along with the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE.

The production planning is not just limited to the first half of the next year but Apple plans to produce 230 million iPhones in the whole next year. These reports have anonymously come out via Nikkei and boosted up the stocks of Apple in the market.

iPhone in Demand

The demand for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is very high. This phone has the latest 5G technology and even though Apple launched its 5G compatible model quite late as compared to the other companies, but it has become a major hit as always. The iPhone 12 mini however is not as much in demand and the sale of this model is slower and lesser as compared to the other models of iPhone 12. Therefore, more the production and sale of the premium iPhone models more will be the earnings of the company and the stocks of the company will remain profitable for investment.

Latest Statistics of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)

  • 52 Week Range: $53.15 – $137.98
  • Average Volume: 124,298,792
  • Market Capital: $2.174T
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: 82 (0.67%)

Apple Inc.: A Buy Now Stock

Apple is undeniably a good choice for investors and it is apt for longer-term investments. The company has always risen and the iPhone has always been a hit. This latest news about the rise in production of the iPhones managed to ascend the stocks by 4% to 5% and if the company’s production work goes on as planned in the next year, and investment in the company will become more and more profitable for the investors.

The other premium Apple products which include the iPad Tablets, the Apple smartwatches, and the Mac Computers along with the newly launched AirPods Max (the premium earphones) and the HomePod mini smart speaker are also in demand and add stimulus to the income of the firm. The 5G compatibility that comes in the iPhone 12 is a reason due to which it is in great demand and which will boost up its sale more than the other iPhones.

Overall, there are next to zero chances of incurring losses via an investment in Apple. The company has a definite and increasing growth rate owing to its range of premium products. This Christmas and New Year Season are going to be a good time for the company.

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