During the past few months of the coronavirus pandemic, Domino’s Pizza stock surged up high because pizza went on to become the favorite food of the public through this time. Domino’s was ordered quite a lot during this time and is expected to grow more thereafter. If we consider the time post-pandemic for the company when the public will have access to other places of eatery as well, even then, Domino’s Pizza has high prospects of keeping up the growth. Therefore, it is not very likely that the success of a vaccine will in any way hamper the growth of this company.

Domino’s Pizza Inc. (NYSE: DPZ) through the year 2020

Becoming the best food during the pandemic, the stocks of Domino’s Pizza soared by a rate of 30% in the year 2020. This high rate of growth makes it quite sure that the growth of the company is certain and will be steady in the upcoming years.

There are a few reasons which make Domino’s stand out and have helped in the immense rise of the company this year. First of all, when it comes to buying pizza for a family, Domino’s does not turn out to be much expensive and becomes a reasonable choice for the same. We can say it is around 20% and 60% cheaper in the case of dining with family and food delivery respectively as compared to the other restaurants. The well definite suburban reach of this company makes it more popular in various areas and this also helps in reducing the ongoing competitions with the other firms of a similar kind. Domino’s is also famous for its home delivery service which adds on to another plus point in its increasing popularity.

Domino’s Pizza Inc. (NYSE: DPZ): Statistical Figures

  • 52 Week Range: $270.08 – $435.58
  • Average Volume: 649,045
  • Market Capital: $15.263B
  • Forwards Dividend and Yield: 12 (0.81%)

Domino’s Pizza Stock: A Buy Now or Not?

There are some speculations associated with the fact that when the vaccine will be fully effective and the Covid-19 wave will subside, then this company might face a little downfall. This is because then it will face competition from various other companies and restaurant chains. After all, then the public will have more options to explore.

However, this might not slow down the growth of this company at least for a few more years to come. Domino’s has well established itself and as stated above, this company’s reach in terms of locations and deliveries along with its pricing is way too convenient and apt as compared to the other restaurant chains. These factors will keep the stocks of this company high and it is even expected that the stocks will reach a market value of $520 as per the analysis of the analyst David Palmer.

Therefore, investors can look forwards to investing in this company for better gains as the company has very high prospects of growing.

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